Where should I go if I want to enjoy good music, good drink and fun people?

I barely see sightseeing information of Mt. Daisen and its neighboring area in English, not to mention the information of bars and clubs. I want to cover the nightlife information of this area along with daytime activities.

Charin is an Izakaya, a Japanese-style pub, which offers the variety of Asian soul foods. Staff are fun, nice and full of energy with a big smile.
Please see http://www.houki-town.jp/p/15/2/4/1/ for details.



Hanami Party at Ryokusuien

I had a hanami (cherry blossom viewing) party with my co-workers at Ryokusuien (緑水園). We usually have the hanami party by the Hosshoji River, but the forecast said it might rain. That's why we chose this place for the party in case it rains. It was cloudy and cold, but we appreciate any reason to get wasted :)







The weather was horrible, and I didn't feel like making many pictures. Instead, I put some pictures of last year's Hanami :)





Spring has come!

Spring has come. Along with the road "Daisen Viewline", rape blossoms are blooming.